Glazed Shiitakes With Bok Choy Recipe (2024)



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Tony Rockwell

Wanted to add tofu for protein, and had a leek, no scallion, so.....
Doubled sauce, marinated tofu after pressing.
Sautéed leeks until crispy, put aside.
Added extra tbsp oil to,replace that reserved with leeks.
At add sauce stage, added tofu and marinade
After sautéing a few minutes, seemed dry so added 2 tbs rice wine to deglaze (tofu had absorbed most of the liquid)
Added washed baby boy choi on top and covered low heat to wilt.
Topped with some chopped basil and cilantro.
Family approved.


Edits:Add firm tofu (cut into cubes, toss with sesame oil, bake at 350 until crisp, about 30 mins).Chop bok choy into chunks and stir fry in wok quickly, then remove before cooking shiitakes.Slice shiitakes into thick slices.Double sauce.At end, add in baked tofu and bok choy to coat with sauce.Serve over jasmine rice.


To save yourself some time and washing up, you can just cook the bok choy in the wok/skillet for about 2 minutes. Then set aside, and proceed with the mushrooms in the same wok/skillet.


I just finished making this recipe, mostly because I bought alot of Bok Choy and had no idea what to do with it. I did not want it to go to waste, so I looked up recipes for it. I came upon this one and I love mushrooms, so I thought "What do I got to lose". I cooked it in less than 45 minutes and it was so nicely fragrant. I thought okay this could be good. I decided rice would taste good under it, so 1 min rice it is. It came out delicious. I ate 2 bowl fulls and so did my spouse. TRY IT!


I have cooked this several times and have found this to be very satisfying.
The first time I made it I followed the recipe exactly. Since the I have altered it. I do not cook the bok choi in water but instead I cut it into one inch pieces and stir fry it, take it out of wok and then stir fry the mushroom and sauce combining everything at the end. I have also added fresh water chestnuts.


Been living in Europe for 15 years and I find it fascinating how much sugar is used in North American recipes. The equivalent recipe here might use a teaspoon.


Great, easy recipe. I substituted what I had - portabello mushroom instead of sh*takes and dried pepper flakes instead of a dried Chinese pepper. And no scallions. Still came out great.


Shiitake stems are very tough and woody. I grew up in Japan, where shiitake mushrooms originated, and they always remove the stems.

Marjorie Och

I've made this twice now, once with shiitake and once with oyster mushrooms. Both delicious. I've also added tofu for a complete meal.


1. Rinse and separate leaves of bokchoy. Steam for 3min.2. Chop 4 cloves garlic & mince 1 T ginger. Cut stems off of 1 lb shiitakes; cut large ones in half. Slice scallions into 1 in pieces.3. Heat cast iron skillet. Add 3 T oil, 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes & shiitake caps.4. Stir-fry 2min. Add garlic, ginger, 1 T sugar, 1 tsp sesame oil, & 1/4 cup soy sauce. Cook another min.5. Spoon mushrooms & juices over bok choy. Garnish with 1 T roasted sesame seeds and scallions.


This is an excellent recipe! I browned some pork sirloin cutlets first and removed them from the pan. I also tripled the amount of sauce and then added the steamed bok choy and pork cutlets (sliced) back into the skillet with the mushrooms. It ended up being a delicious stir fry. Definitely a winner.


I made this recipe with the ingredients as written and it's excellent! I dropped the bok choy in the boiling water just as the mushrooms were finishing cooking. I drained the bok choy and immediately plated it with the mushrooms on top. The presentation is beautiful and it tastes delicious!!!


Excellent recipe for a quick and easy dinner. I didn't have Chinese peppers so I used red pepper flakes instead. I also skipped boiling the bok choy and just added it to the same pan at the end. Covered and let steam in the sauce for a few minutes and it was perfect. I think any kind of mushroom would work fine. Yum!


I too wanted a complete meal so I married Martha Rose Shulman's way to cook tofu in Asian Pasta with Tofu with this recipe. I added the scallions to the wok with ginger and garlic to flavor the tofu. Wonderful!


Quite good! Try to keep the bok choy warm. Was cold by the time I got it on the plate.


This was delicious. My local store was out of bok choy so I substituted napa cabbage, which I sautéed in a wok first then removed. Followed the rest of the recipe as written (though used 1/2 the sugar, as I didn't want it to be too sweet). Will make again!


Very good! Didn’t have boy choy on hand so subbed spinach.

Melissa P

The shiitakes were delicious! I will definitely make this again, but with changes. For two people - Full amount of mushrooms, but half the bok choy. Chop up the bok choy into large bites and toss in stir fry pan right before serving. Serve everything over Jasmine Rice cooked with the scallion whites. This was only my second experience cooking with bok choy and I know now that even if it doesn't look steamed at 2 minutes, take it out anyway.


Good! Dry sauteed mushrooms, then added sliced leeks, oil, red pepper flakes, then turned down heat when adding sauce in order to soften (not toast) the garlic. Topped with dry sauteed red peppers (cooked in same pan before mushrooms), tangerine/honey/salt/black pepper juice for acid, sesame seeds and scallions. Would also add cubed or sliced chicken and double the sauce for a crowd that eats meat.

Jacques Descoteaux

Simply delicious.


I’ll definitely make this again soon and follow exactly but chose this recipe because I had both bok choy & shiitakes though not quite enough of either. I had to riff quite a bit! I didn’t have enough bok choy or shiitakes so followed same instructions with purple cabbage leaves and some baby bellas — dynamic taste; it made a nice combo! Also didn’t have Chinese dry pepper and didn’t want red pepper flakes so used hot pepper jelly. Subbed brown for white sugar. Sauce came out great!


What an excellent recipe! As other cooks suggested, i started with the book choy in a little oil on the stove top. When it was soft and pliable, I removed it and added the mushrooms and all the other ingredients to the same cast iron frying pan. Didn’t have scallions or sesame oil, but the dish was great. Also quick and easy to prepare.

Kirsten H

Tasty, but a lot of work and dishes.

Angela Clark

Keeping it simple: saute the bok choy and sh*take mushrooms (plus most of the other items) with a little olive oil in one skillet on low heat and voila, delicious! And just one pan to clean up.

Amelia Silver

This has the potential to be fantastic. But if you follow the recipe your dish will be dry and undercooked. Shiitakes need to cook for much longer! Maybe he wasn’t using fresh shiitakes. And 3 TBS of oil to stir fry peppers and shiitakes is not nearly enough. We added extra tamari, some cider and an additional 3 TBS of oil, and we baked the ensemble for 10 minutes… and it was delicious.


Made this with a quarter of the mushrooms and all the sauce for one and served it over rice. Really easy and delicious.

Stacey H

Delish! Did not have the small Chinese peppers, but used some other kind of long skinny red pepper. Made this as our main dish, as we are plant-based. Sooo good! Loved this dish -- full of flavor!

Marion Beram

This was delicious. Admittedly, I changed it quite a bit. I added tofu, stir fried with corn starch to give it a nice crisp and set aside till the shrooms and bok choy were done. I cooked the bok choy with the mushrooms (supermarket didn't have sh*take, so we used baby bella instead; it was still good, but sh*take would have been better). Also used dried pepper flakes instead of chinese red hot peppers. Would make this again in a heartbeat. It was delish!


Delicious. For oil I used Momof*cko Chili Crunch, and therefore skipped the Chinese hot peppers. Also, on the same iron skillet I threw large, wild-caught shrimp. And served it all over white rice.


Delicious and easy. Followed other tips and chopped bok choy and sautéed before mushrooms for ease and less dishes. Doubled sauce. Used pre-sliced mushrooms. Served over jasmine rice.

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Glazed Shiitakes With Bok Choy Recipe (2024)


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