9 Ways to Use a Master Bedroom Balcony (2024)

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Having a balcony off your master bedroom can be great, providing you use the space well. It’s easy to overlook a master bedroom balcony as an awkward space attached to your bedroom that won’t see much use.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Whether you decide to treat it as an extension of the indoors or as its own unique area, there are plenty of creative uses for it.

To get you started, here are 9 master bedroom balcony ideas.

9 Master Bedroom Balcony Ideas

1. co*cktail Bar

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If your master bedroom balcony catches the sun, why not turn it into a co*cktail bar? With a few comfy outdoor chairs and a bar cart, you’ll have a great outdoor space for enjoying a drink together.

But if you want to go all out, build yourself a minibar and consider adding an outdoor refrigerator. While it’s not always necessary, it’ll save you having to go to the kitchen for more ice!

A co*cktail bar might not seem like the most creative use of space, but it’s ideal if your balcony is only worth using in the summer, or if it has great views in the late afternoon.

2. Hot Tub

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Turn the balcony off your master bedroom into a hot tub area for a romantic way to relax. Whether you choose an inflatable hot tub or a full-size permanent one, it’s great to have it linked directly to your bedroom.

However, it’s probably best to save this option for first-floor balconies. A 2-3 person hot tub full of water, with 2 people sitting in it, can weigh 3,000lbs! Most balconies have a weight limit of 40-60lbs per square foot, so it might not work on higher balconies.

3. Reading Area

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Having somewhere in your bedroom to read (that’s not your bed) can feel very relaxing. However, if your bedroom is a bit short on space, you can move your reading area out to the balcony.

It’s perfect if you have a small balcony off your master bedroom, as all you need is somewhere to sit. This could either be a comfy chair or a blanket and cushions spread on the floor. Whichever you choose, be sure to make it cozy and relaxing so you can enjoy your book.

4. Balcony Garden

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While your options for a garden on your master bedroom balcony are almost limitless, it makes sense to tailor it to your space. For example, there’s little point in setting up a vegetable garden on a balcony off your master bedroom.

Instead, design a garden that’s suitable for a bedroom. It could be a garden full of flowering plants or plants that give off a scent. Choosing things such as lavender, chamomile, and rosemary ticks both boxes.

The aim is to design a garden that’s appealing when you’re sitting in bed. If you choose scented plants, throwing the balcony doors open on a summer evening will fill your bedroom with relaxing aromas, making the space a great addition.

5. Lounge Area

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One of the more basic (yet still useful) master bedroom balcony ideas is a lounge area. It’ll work for both a big and small balcony off a master bedroom.

Just choose chairs and tables suitable for the size space. If you need help choosing small chairs for a balcony, check out our article that discusses the best types. For a larger balcony, your options are much freer.

Throw in some potted plants and a table, and you’ve got a great space for enjoying a morning coffee or an evening drink.

6. Enclose Your Balcony

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If you want to make your master bedroom balcony an extension of the interior, consider adding a balcony enclosure. Not all of them make the balcony indoor-friendly, so check out our guide on balcony enclosures for more information.

Adding an enclosure means you could keep the doors open without issue. Also, it’ll give you more options for how you decorate the space, as you won’t have to worry about your furniture or paint being suitable for the outdoors.

7. Set Up a Day Bed

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What’s better than one bed? Two beds, of course! If you have a large balcony off your master bedroom, consider setting up a day bed on it. While you could have a couch or chairs, a day bed is far more relaxing.

You could then use the space for any number of activities, including reading, watching TV, or simply enjoying the view.

Adding a day bed to your balcony should encourage you to use the space, and it also means you don’t always have to lounge in your actual bed. Plus, in the warmer months, you could even consider camping out there overnight!

8. Breakfast Area

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It’s super easy to get creative with a breakfast area regardless of the size of your balcony. For example, with a Juliet balcony, you could simply set up a table and chairs in your bedroom. Despite you not being able to sit on the balcony, you could still enjoy the fresh air while you eat.

If you have a small balcony off your master bedroom, a railing table is ideal. It saves you using up valuable floor space and can still provide enough room for a coffee and plate. Check out our article on how to build a DIY railing bar for full instructions.

Of course, if you have a large balcony off your master bedroom, just follow the advice above for turning it into a lounge area. Throw in some plants and lighting, and you’ll have an inviting breakfast area all year round.

9. Just Enjoy the View!

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Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything. For those lucky enough to have a spectacular view from their master bedroom balcony, grab a comfy chair and just sit back, relax and take in the views.

Final Thoughts on Master Bedroom Balconies

Hopefully, these master bedroom balcony ideas have given you some inspiration for how to use your space. While it can be tempting to just ignore it, turning it into an extension of your bedroom is very worthwhile.

Whatever you choose to do with the balcony off your master bedroom, make sure it complements the design and function of the bedroom itself.

9 Ways to Use a Master Bedroom Balcony (2024)


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