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The experts show you how to make the most of a bedroom design with a balcony

Balconies are tiny at-home nature retreats. They are our easiest escape to refreshing greens and sometimes even a beautiful view. Although bedroom balcony ideas have always been popular and trending, their importance has risen tremendously during the pandemic. With people locked inside their homes and nowhere to go, they wanted an open and fresh place to give them a sense of the outdoors. Hence balconies became a significant part of home interiors. So now, balconies aren’t just an additional space to dry clothes, but they are also a personal break out space at homes. That’s why balconies are now an integral part of home design, especially in bedroom interiors.

Most people seek a bedroom design with a balcony. It is also practical as we spend long hours in our bedrooms so a balcony beside the bed not only refreshes the mind but also reignites the soul. Therefore, a bedroom with a balcony design is now a very crucial part of home interiors. If you, too, are thinking of reworking your bedroom with a balcony, here are some bedroom balcony ideas to get you rolling.

1. An Indian Style Bedroom With Balcony Design

This is a typical Indian bedroom with a minimalistic design theme. The bedroom comes with a comfortable bed set up and a padded headboard. The room remains well lit and fresh with a big sliding window that opens to a small but beautiful balcony space. The bedroom balcony has a railing design that makes the space safe for children. The balcony space is designed with reddish tiles that give an earthy vibe. The balcony space, although narrow, remains a comfortable place to stand and take in the natural view outside. As the balcony opens to big trees in the surrounding, the bedroom balcony is kept open and unhindered by indoor plants.

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2. A Bright Bedroom With Balcony Design To Refresh You

This bedroom reveals a peppy and refreshing aqua colour palette on the wall, bed setup, study table unit, curtains and floor mat. This creates a light and airy vibe in the bedroom, attenuated by the bedroom balcony design. The balcony comes with a tall railing design that keeps the space semi-open – ideal for bedrooms with a balcony. The balcony space is designed with regular indoor plants to blend in the refreshing design of the bedroom. This bedroom is ideal for your young child who needs an inspiring room setup.

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3. A Luxury Bedroom Design With Balcony That Is Ideal For Urban Cities

This sleep haven exhibits an urban interior setup with a classy metal bed and a padded metal footstool. It has a cosy design with glossy wooden flooring and a dark grey rug design. The room opens to an airy balcony space enveloped with a glass railing. The balcony floor has a wooden cladding floor design that borrows the cosy appeal from the bedroom. The balcony has a round outdoor beach chair with a small coffee table that creates the perfect balcony resting corner.

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4. A Spacious Bedroom With Balcony Design For Apartments

Are you someone who loves minimalistic and spacious design? Then this bedroom with a balcony design is for you! Ideal for modern apartments, this bedroom looks like the perfect place to soak up the sun and enjoy the view. The spacious bedroom opens to a simple balcony design through large-sized sliding glass front windows. The balcony remains enveloped with a glass railing that creates a seamless view of the gorgeous greenery outside. You can place a couple of patio chairs on the balcony and enjoy the sunny view outside.

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5. Bedroom Balcony Ideas That Steal The Show

While a bedroom with a balcony is always a good idea, you can even bring the bedroom in it if you have space on your balcony! Not sure? Check this bedroom in balcony design that transforms a spacious balcony space into a cosy resting area with a sofa bed for your balcony. The elegant beige colour sofa bed blends well with the beige background to create a sophisticated resting place. The white curtains covering the balcony seating from direct sunlight, add a dreamy appeal.

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6. A Ravishing Red Bedroom With Balcony Design

This romantic bedroom with a balcony design reveals an exquisite interior setup – ideal for couples. The warm and open bedroom design is accentuated by a lovely balcony that draws in the bright sun rays – keeping the place well lit. The balcony also provides a lovely view of the greenery that imbues a refreshing appeal to the rest of the bedroom’s interiors. Matching the bedroom’s red romantic decoration, the balcony is furnished with red metallic patio chairs and a coffee table.

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A bedroom with a balcony is ideal for bringing in a little of the outside into your home. It is also a great way to create a breakout space to disconnect from the rest of the house. A bedroom design with a balcony also helps keep the sleeping quarter suitably lit. It adds proper ventilation too, which is a great plus point for interiors. Thus, go ahead and recreate your bedroom balcony space. If you want more advice on the interiors, reach out to us directly.

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6 Ultimate Bedroom Balcony Ideas For Your Home | DesignCafe (2024)


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