When You See These Stock Tank Pool Ideas, You'll Want One ASAP (2024)


When You See These Stock Tank Pool Ideas, You'll Want One ASAP (1)

When You See These Stock Tank Pool Ideas, You'll Want One ASAP

by Rachel Chapman

If you missed out on getting a trendy inflatable pool before they all sold out for the season, we have the ideal solution. Pools made from stock tanks are the latest Instagram-worthy trend you can set up right in your own backyard. By having some cool stock tank pool ideas on hand, you can create a rustic-chic oasis that's perfect for making the most of extra hot summer days. If you're unfamiliar with stock tanks, they're usually used for food and water on farms. However, by scrolling through social media, you'll quickly realize that some thrifty DIYers have discovered that these stock tanks have more than one use.

Not only can you use your stock tank to cool off, but you can also finally lounge on your favorite pool float for selfies in your sunnies. If relaxation is your priority, get yourself an oversized beach umbrella for some shade and mix up fruity co*cktails to enjoy by the pool. Perhaps you're inspired by Taylor Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" music video, and want to make a 1950s-style backyard setup. Get yourself some hot pink lawn flamingos and colorful pool tubes to chill in while you're jamming out to your sizzling summer playlist. You can even make a romantic pool area for date night with your SO by stringing up fairy lights and adding some rose petals to your dreamy soak.

If you're unsure of where to begin, these eight stock tank pool ideas will help inspire you to create the backyard setup of your summer dreams. With a little creativity and checking out some YouTube tutorials on how to set up your own stock tank pool, life by the pool will be cool in no time.


First Of All, Get Yourself A Stock Tank

If you don't already have a stock tank, get one pronto. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can get a stock tank that's big enough for you and your roomies, or one that's just perfect for you. Once you have your stock tank, follow some YouTube tutorials to learn how to properly install a pool pump.


Stencil The Side Of It For A Sweet, Personal Touch

Personalize your stock tank with custom stencil designs on the side of it. Spray paint your name on it to let everyone know this is your pool, or find some cute floral stencils to blend in with the blooms in your garden.


This Striped Beach Umbrella Will Provide Some Serious Shade

While you might love lounging in the sunshine, you probably appreciate cooling down in the shade just as much. Get an oversized beach umbrella like this pink and white striped one from that will provide you with some serious shade on extra sizzling days.

Choose a cute pattern that fits your backyard vibe. You can even buy matching deck chairs to relax in when you're not soaking in the tub.


Get Some Plants To Surround Your Pool

Plants are an easy way to surround yourself in nature. Adding some monstera plants and ferns around your pool will make you feel like you're at a resort. Though, if you'd rather go for something more rustic or desert-inspired, choose cacti and succulents to surround your pool instead.


Hang String Lights All Around Your Pool Area

Enjoy your nighttime soak in the dreamy light of string lights. The type of string lights you get will set the entire mood. You can go for white lights for a romantic setting, or something quirky and vibrant for a fun pool hangout with your roomies. There are even bamboo lights like the ones pictured above that are perfect for a tiki-inspired "beach" gathering.


These Flamingo Lawn Stakes Give Off A Retro Vibe

You'll feel like you took a time machine back to the 1950s with these hot pink flamingo lawn stakes. Complete the aesthetic by getting yourself a vintage-style swimsuit for your sunny selfies. Relax on a pool inflatable with your cat eye sunglasses.


Add A Chic Outdoor Rug For A Pop Of Color Next To Your Pool

Since your typical stock tank is silver, you'll want to add a pop of color to your backyard space to make it photo-ready. That's easy to do with a chic outdoor rug like this one. The pattern will coordinate perfectly with your backyard garden, too.


Get Ready To Sprinkle Rose Petals For Wine Night In The Pool

Add some rose petals to your pool to create a romantic ambiance for date night with bae. Use the same petals to decorate the pool for a classy wine night with your bestie while you watch The Bachelor together. Get some cup holder inflatables so you can sip and soak.

When You See These Stock Tank Pool Ideas, You'll Want One ASAP (2024)


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